March 6, 2020

Dear Self

Posted in: Recovery

Dear Allison,

Your worth is not tied to a number on a scale. There are good, worthy, meaningful numbers. The scale is not one of them. See, and be thankful for, the numbers of blessing:

You have brought *3* beautiful, healthy, funny, creative, kind children into the world with the beautiful, powerful body that God has given you. You have endured and grown and fought and healed and prayed through and for *20* years of marriage to *1* man. You have been alive and healthy, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching, walking, running, jumping, hiking, playing, moving, lifting, laughing, writing, dreaming, reading… for over *43* years, journeying with Christ and growing in Him for *23* of those years. You have lived in *6* cities and have traveled to *30* states and *22* countries. Look at where your body has taken you! Physically, but also emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. You have also written *1* book and published *1* prayer journal.

Look what God has done for you, in you, through you! We are just scratching the surface here – number your friends, or your nights of sleep, or your blessings, or your BREATHS! The number on a scale could not matter any less!

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