January 11, 2020

A Lifelong Resolution

Posted in: Daily Walk

Here’s a resolution from someone who doesn’t make resolutions: I resolve to be curious about where the Spirit is leading and what the Spirit is speaking. All. Year. Long. Each and every day.

In my prayer time a few mornings ago, God was pointing out to me that change isn’t for January 1 alone. It’s not just for new months or Mondays. The work of the Spirit is a lifelong resolution called sanctification.

If You convict me today Lord, grow the seeds of conviction into the fruit of change.

If You root out some sin on a Tuesday, I need not wait until the following Monday to respond. I pray I will surrender and repent immediately.

If there is some action step or plan that You are placing in my path, protect me from the lie that I need a new month or a new year to follow through.

There is no moment more powerful than the present for the purposes of God:

*Now* is the time to worship. {John 4: 23-24}

*Now* is the day of salvation. {2 Cor. 6: 1-2}

Today is the day to embrace a better hope-

His name is Jesus. {Heb. 7: 18-22}

He daily bears our burdens. {Ps. 68: 19}

He daily calls. {Luke 9: 23}

He daily gives us wisdom, favor + new life. {Prov. 8: 32-36}

He daily instructs us, asks us, roots & grows us, strengthens & sanctifies us “more and more.” {1 Thess. 4: 1-12}


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